Posted on Oct 22, 2020

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EI sickness benefits is a weekly payment for the eligible workers who cannot work because of illness, injury, or quarantine
EI sickness benefits pay a maximum of 15 weeks;

Eligible Employee/self-employed is who has made the minimum required payments into the EI program by working at least 600 insurable employment hours during the last 52 weeks.

Workers who their income has been reduced by at least 40% due to the sickness.

Payment is 55% of the weekly earnings up to a maximum of $573 per week.

(There is a family supplement available for people with a net family income of $25,921 or less who have at least one child under the age of 18).

The benefits are paying on the first day you had to stop work because of illness or quarantine.

Therefore, the eligible worker can get full EI sickness benefits for the entire 14 days mandatory quarantine period, those workers don't need to bring a medical note from their doctor

However, If the reason behind the absence is anything beyond the quarantine period, or if the claim is related to sickness only and not quarantine, then a medical certificate signed by the doctor which indicates the expected period of incapacity.

If a delay in applying for benefits is later than four weeks after the last day of work, a risk of losing benefits can be the result.

The first payment can be received within 28 days of the date the application was received.
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